Youth/Leaders Equipment List


This list is provided to help you gather the gear you will need to be a successful pioneer.  Due to the weight and space limitations of our handcarts you will be limited in the amount of gear you can bring. You will need the items listed below. You will be issued a 5 gallon bucket to put your personal belongings in. All sleeping gear will go in a black garbage sack that you will need to provide.

Remember to eat a good breakfast Tuesday morning.

Please do not bring cameras. Each ward will have its own photographer who will take tons of pictures of everyone and everything!

MEN SHOULD WEAR:                                     WOMEN SHOULD WEAR:

() cotton or corduroy pants  (1-2)                       () mid calf dress or skirt w/

no jeans                                                                ()   shirt/blouses/long sleeve (1-2)

() long-sleeved button down shirt (1-2)             () spandex or bike shorts/wear under skirt

() suspenders/vests (optional)                            () apron (opt)

() socks and shoes (gym or hiking                       () socks and shoes (gym

shoes, already broken in)                                      or hiking shoes, broken in)

() Pioneer hat (no baseball)                                 () bonnet

In addition to the list above, EVERYONE SHOULD BRING:

() 5 gallon bucket(issued by Stake) packed with personal belongings (labeled w/name and company)

() sleeping bag in black garbage bag (labeled)

() warm jacket for night activities

() rain poncho                                                         () sleep wear (opt.)

() extra pair of well-worn shoes (back up)     () sack lunch for day 1 -will be in cooler

() 3 pairs of walking socks (sock liners prevent blisters)        () haversack (issued by wards)

() 2 underclothing                                                   () prescribed medications

() drinking tin or plastic cup/mug                        () scriptures (put in zip lock bag)

() 1 small hand cloth                                               () chapstick/sunblock

() bar of soap in zip lock bag                                  () work gloves

() toiletries

DO NOT BRING: food, candy, soda, cell phones, I-pods, flash lights, back packs, jewelry or money. These items will be left behind.