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Remind your youth to eat a good breakfast Tuesday morning!

EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBERS: Suzanne Ipsen/ Brad Ipsen/ Rick HildebrandtMike Porter 

Please don’t let your youth bring cameras. Each ward has its own photographer who will take lots and lots of pictures…thanks!

We will be returning around 1:00 on Thursday

When is Trek?

Our youth conference Trek will be May 31 – June 2. (Tues.-Thurs.)  Closer to Trek information will be provided when and where your youth will meet as a ward on the 31st. Transportation will be provided by each ward.

Who can go on the Trek?

All youth ages 14-18 who reside in the Hermosa Vista Stake. Those turning 14 by June 1st and/or entering into the 9th grade this year.  We especially invite and encourage graduating seniors to attend.


All the youth will be grouped into families, each with a Ma and Pa (a married couple from the ward) and up to 10 youth. This will be kept confidential. The Bishops from each ward will be Company Captains over their own ward and youth. Bro Charl Riggs will be our Trail Boss and Pres. Ostler will be our Wagon Master…two fine men leading us to our own Zion.

What about clothing?

The wearing of traditional pioneer clothing when participating in Trek will add to the spirit and authenticity of the experience. However, the spending of excess money and time on obtaining such clothing is strongly discouraged. Many, if not all of the necessary articles of clothing can be found at DI or Goodwill , borrowed and some in one’s existing wardrobe. The relief society sisters are always willing to help sew too. DENIM IS NOT ALLOWED. To prevent chaffing girls should wear spandex or bike shorts under their skirts. Loose fitting pants for boys is best. Long sleeved shirts help with sunburns, insect-bites and outdoor brush. All youth need to wear good walking or hiking shoes or boots with good socks and sock liners. These need to be well broken in before trek. This is very important to prevent blisters.

How Physically Demanding is Trek?

Our Trek plan includes a lot of walking…(haha…funny) During these walks, the youth will be pulling/pushing handcarts. They will also be making periodic stops along the way to rest, drink water and listen to presentations. Youth and leaders will be wise to prepare themselves physically for Trek. The recommended Trek conditioning guidelines are as follows…Walk 4-5 times per week. For 2-3 times per week, walk 2-3 miles; for 2 times a week, walk 4-5 miles. Walk uphill about 4 times, increasing the distance each time, before Trek.

Will my child go hungry?

No, although Trek is a reenactment, the youth will not be required to go without food. In fact, they will be very well fed (under the direction of Sean and Amy Lake and their food committee). We want all Trek participants to be healthy and full of energy.

Will my youth be safe?

Yes. We will have medical personnel with us. Dr. Keith Butler an ER doctor along with Vance Cox (oral surgeon) Leann Shelley and Wendy Udall (nurses) will be on the trail and in the camp with our youth and will watch for any signs of illness or injury. They will have a vehicle and medic wagon ready at all times. More than half of the adults will be priesthood holders.

Can my child bring a cell phone?

No! Electronic devices, including cell phones are not allowed on Trek. The medical and Trek leaders will have working phones for emergency purposes.

Does everything have to be packed in a 5 gallon bucket?

Each youth will receive a 5 gallon bucket with lid to pack their personal belongings. If it doesn’t fit in the bucket it doesn’t come. Carefully observe the equipment list.  They will pack their bedding and pillow separate in a heavy-duty trash bag. Be sure to label everything.

Encourage your youth to participate in the Trail of Faith Award Program.

There is a wonderful promise given to our youth from our Stake Presidency as they participate in this program.  Upon completion they will receive a certificate and will wear something extra on the Trek and most importantly prepare themselves to have an experience that is specific for them.